Gua Correspondence

The mysteries of nature and the inner working of the universe expressing the dualistic principle of Yin and Yang in all creation are classified according to the energy and identified by the Gua. In 1985 I began a project to classify all of the associations of each Gua with natural phenomena, anatomy, science, philosophy, healing, religion and martial arts. I am still working on it to this day. That is how vast the subject is and yet it is based on a very simple premise.

In the following chart one should not attempt to find a connection between all the correspondences listed for each Gua. These are merely individual types of energy that can be attached, associated or signify a state of energy of this type. Some of the connections are relational and others are not. For example when the time associated with the Gua does not affect the Qi meridian energy time associated with the same Gua. In Qigong practice one would use the meridian time. To fully understand these associations is beyond the scope of this web page. You should seek instruction from qualified Jiulong Baguazhang teachers. Here are some examples of the associations used in the practice of Jiulong Baguazhang with the Gua of the Yijing. This list is merely a sample and not a complete list.

Gua Name Basic Energy Season Gua Time Body Parts Elements Qi Function in Bagua


Creative Power. Great Sky Dragon. Early Winter 9pm-12am Head Brain Metal Regulates Yin Meridians. Stimulates Yin Qi


Joyful. Red Bat Skims the lake surface. Autumn. 6pm – 9pm. Mouth Tongue Water. Metal Regulates Lung Qi energy


Clinging. Dragon of Passion Summer 12am-3pm HeartStomachS.Intestine Fire Stimulates Mental Agility.


Arousing. Suddenly appearing Dragon. Spring. 6am – 9am. Foot Wood Stimulate Liver Qi


Penetrating. Flying Dragon of the Earth & Sky Early Summer 9am-12am Eyes Wood Stimulates Small Heavenly Cycle Qi energy


Dangerous Dragon from the Sea Depths Winter. 12pm-3am. EyeFoot Water Fills Jing cauldron. Cools Heart fire in Qi cauldron


Penetrating. Flying Dragon of the Earth & Sky Early Spring 3am-6am Palm handFinger tips Wood Lead Qi up back to palms. Strengthens Jing cauldron


Receptive. Invisible Dragon of the Earth Early Autumn 3pm-6pm Abdomen Earth Regulates Yang Meridians. Improves overall Yang Qi


Yijing as a Philosophy or an Oracle

The Yijing can be used in many ways. It can be read like any book of wisdom from cover to cover. We can learn the many stages of change from the 64 Gua. This is most helpful after a long period of study and observation of nature.

Jiulong Baguazhang uses the Yijing eight basic Gua as focus points for both martial art and health Qigong training. Students learn to focus on an internal association with a specific type of power or energy that will be stimulated internally and externally when practicing the shapes and postures of a particular palm.

We can also cast the Yi. Casting the Yi means that you may use the book to open your mind to the possibilities of change in every situation of your life. This is done with a special ceremony designed to prepare the mind and body to clearly see the answer. Casting the Yi is a special use of the book and is only used when we have exhausted all other possibilities to discover the true path to our goal. There are many methods of performing the ceremony of casting the Yi. Some involve throwing six coins, special rods or dice or counting Yarrow stalks. These methods are designed to allow one time to focus on the question being probed and to calm outside influences.

It is a gross misuse of the Yijing to use it as common fortune telling. The Yijing is a way of freeing yourself from worry and tension to clearly see the patterns that are already present and how these patterns will affect the future. The main principle is to open the heart and mind to possibilities of change and interaction.

Some recommended books on the Yijing for beginners are:

The I Ching Workbook By R.L. Wing.

Doubleday & Company, New York.

I Ching The Book of Change By John Blofeld.

E.P. Dutton & Company, New York.