Long Feng Shui Qigong


Sit like a frog, sleep like a dog, walk like a cloud, keep a docile heart.
Li, Longdao, Secret of Longevity.

Long Feng Shui Qigong Introduction

Feng Shui most often refers to the positioning of houses, buildings, the arrangements of rooms and objects to draw the most powerful earth and sky energy. This is a very deep art in itself based on superstition, practical observation, and some science.

The use of Jiulong Baguazhang Long Feng Shui Qigong (Dragon of Wind and Water) is a method of personal Feng Shui to orient the body and harmonize the mind with the cycles of change occurring in the Year, month, week, day and hours for best absorption of Qi energy. This is done through a series of practices. The art begins with seated meditation. We then proceed to standing meditations to center the body. Next we use visualizations while walking the circle holding postures that are designed to harmonize the body with the Electromagnetic energy of the earth, gravity and positioning of our selves in specific directions to draw natural energy from the sun and moon light that affects our hormonal and chemical balance.

The goal is to enhance the energy we draw from the earth and sky. Some of this knowledge is based on common sense and on ancient philosophy found in Daoism and the Yijing as well as the lunar calendar. It also has a sound basis in science, psychology and physiology.


Origins of the Art

The method was part of the late Master Li, Ching-Yuen’s practice of Qigong from his Baguazhang traditions. It was passed down to Li, Zhang-Lai and then to Li, Longdao who taught Dr. Painter the method. Many of the notes given to Dr. Painter had obscure ancient Chinese characters and references to the Yijing that were in the old style difficult to translate even for Chinese scholars.

With the help of Master Jou, Tsung-Hwa and other scholars Dr. Painter set out to reconstruct this powerful method of Qigong that had almost become extinct. Now after 25 years of research and testing the Jiulong Baguazhang Association is proud to announce the addition of Dragon of the Wind and Water energy exercise, Long Feng Shui Qigong to its stable of internal arts health practices.

Ultimately Dragon of Wind and Water Qigong it is about you and your personal relationship with the world around you. We believe this practice will open a New World of energy and self-discovery.

Do not assume that this is some magic or new age pop medicine. Qigong although still shrouded in misunderstanding and mystery is a very real principle of healing. It is very old and appears in almost every culture. If you study our program and begin to understand how the mind can influence the body through visual imagery and then practice it daily you will soon discover the remarkable role the mind, body and natures energies play in the health and disease of the human body.


Long Feng Shui is a Bagua Jiankang Qigong
(Jiankang = Health, physical condition)

This art Long Feng Shui Qigong is a part of the Flying Dragon Qigong practice. It is less complicated to practice than the Flying Dragon Energy exercises. The purpose is to harmonize oneself with the seasons and time of the year by walking the circle while forming the Postures associated with the Energy Gua’s for each specific day, week, month, and year.

Long Feng Shui Form - Sundays When performed regularly Dragon of Wind and Water Qigong promotes physical and mental relaxation. Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids and assists digestion. This unique form of Qigong aids in fortifying the body against disease promotes healing and also increases flexibility and power to the internal and external muscles. Regular practice also promotes proper development and alignment of the bones, tendons and ligaments.

This is part of a total system of Baguazhang (Eight shape palm boxing) health and martial arts preserved by the Li family of Sichuan province China. Dragon of Wind and Water exercise is simple to perform and can be practiced by anyone of any age or physical condition. It is based on the methods of Chinese traditional medicine, the Yijing or book of change and Daoist yogic health exercises combined with the art of “circle walking” found in Baguazhang practice.

The student by holding specific positions with the arms and upper torso while walking in a circle can stimulate both internal organs and the internal acupuncture meridian systems to facilitate a greater flow of Qi energy. Connections of the various postures held while walking the circle to visualizations associated with images from the ancient Yijing both calm the mind and induce a state of tranquillity similar to that termed the “relaxation” response by Dr. Herbert Benson.

Each season, week and day has a specific Baguazhang shape posture that will be used to induce the state of relaxation and energy flow. All one has to do is learn to walk the circle properly and then assume the correct energy exercise for the month and day, walk the circle for a few minutes with the prescribed visualizations and exercises and go about one’s day. Nothing could be much easier.


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