Shifu Daoqiquan

John P. Painter, PhD, ND

John Painter doing Baguazhang

The Jiulong Baguazhang™ family of practitioners is rapidly growing around the world. From a tiny beginning in a small Chinese village, this obscure family style has grown into an organization with an international cadre of instructors and students. Presently there have been over 4,000 students introduced to the Li family methods. Home Base in the United States for the system is located in Arlington, Texas at the Gompa Study Center. Study group programs are also operated around the world with new instructors in training.

The individual instructors listed here are all highly educated people, both academically as well as in martial arts and areas of holistic health. Most of the Study Group Leaders (JBSGL) are highly skilled martial artists in their own right, many are Shifu’s and instructors in other disciplines. All are rigorously tested and must complete five or more years of study with Shifu Painter before being considered as a JBSGL in their home area. Under each study group leader’s name will be the level he or she is certified to teach. These will be updated as the instructor moves through the system. Please contact any of the individuals listed here for class times and information on studying Jiulong Baguazhang™ in your area.

For seminar or workshop information with Dr. Painter or to locate a teacher near you, contact for free information on programs and instructor training.

Gompa Shifus

Alan Marshall Robert Castaldo
Waterxingyi Marshall Robert Castaldo doing Baguzhang


Here are the current accredited locations authorized to teach the Nine Dragon Baguazhang, “Rolling the Pearl”

Location Website
Arlington, TX Jiulong Baguazhang Dr. John Painter
Nashua, NH Granite Dragon Arts Bobb Maio
Boston, MA
Boston Baguazhang  Bill Oparowski
Toronto, Canada Toronto Baguazhang Dr. Jan Carstoniu
Raleigh-Durham, NC Raleigh-Durham Baguazhang Jim Burniche, Bronwen Nishikawa
Saskatoon, Canada
Orchard Kung Fu Dr. Yancy Orchard
London, England Jiulong London Rey Bowen
Hamilton, Canada Hamilton Baguazhang John Trumbell
Ottawa, Canada Ottawa Baguazhang Sandra Troster Diaz
Spring Lake, MN White Dragon
Healing Arts
Steve Bialon
Oakland, CA Oakland JBZ Hoy Young
Sydney, Australia  Baerg Martial Arts Brett Baerg