Ranking in Jiulong Baguazhang

Classifications and Ranking 

Xiangdao 嚮導A guide / leader (Study Group Leader) Black Sash

The term Xiangdao is used for an individual who has certified to instruct the bare basics (Jibengong) of any of the Li family systems of Baguazhang, This person is allowed to facilitate meeting of a group of interested individuals who wish to learn the material available from the Xiangdao. The Xiangdao is expected to work towards attaining Shizi level in a reasonable amount of time. In Jiulong Baguazhang the requirements for Xiangdao are certification in Jibengong Dragon Rolling The Pearl parts 1-4.

Shizi師資  A qualified instructor of a method, style or system / Red Sash

In Jiulong Baguazhang this is a designation for a person with certification in all palms  and the other requirements of Shizi level listed below. The Shizi must operate a commercial (collect fees for teaching) study group or school with regular scheduled classes. The Shizi must engage in promoting their local school and for the art to the general public. A Shizi must follow the arts established curriculums. Shizi may remain in this category if so desired and make no further advancements, however it is hoped that a dedicated Shizi will strive to attain the level of Shifu師傅in a reasonable amount of time.

Requirements for Shizi certification

To qualify as a Shizi the student has to be certified in ALL the following knowledge.

  1. Dragon Rolling The Pearl
  2. Yixingong
  3. Heaven Palm
  4. Mountain Palm
  5. Water Palm
  6. Lake Palm
  7. Fire Palm
  8. Thunder Palm
  9. Wind Palm
  10. Earth Palm

Weapons Skills (certifications in at least three is required)

  1. Bagua Saber
  2. Bagua Staff
  3. Bagua Spear
  4. Bagua Sword
  5. Bagua Twin Knives
  6. Bagua Three Section Staff

Healing and Qigong (certifications in at least two preferably three is required)

  1. Spring Rain Qigong
  2. Nine Healing Circles Qigong
  3. Flying Dragon Qigong
  4. Golden Vigor Qigong
  5. Long Feng Shui Qigong

Jiaoguan 教官Drillmaster / instructor (private teacher with Shizi status) / Red Sash

This is an individual who has no formal school and wants to teach in a private one on one setting. We will most likely abandon this category after May 30th 2020.

Shifu師傅  Fully accredited teacher with a commercial school /Yellow Sash

A commercial term used for professional teacher of one or more but not all of the Daoqiquan systems. To attain this level the individual must have Shizi status in the martial and health arts of his or her chosen system, be of good moral character and be willing to operate a commercial school as a business.

The major difference in Shizi and Shifu is that the Shifu 師傅 goes through the Bai Shi Yishi把式儀式ceremony. The new Shifu 師傅is adopted as an member of the inner circle of Shifu and as a part of the lineage family. A Shizi does not receive these honors. The inductee swears a traditional blood oath to support the Shigong and the arts and to continue teaching until he or she has created another Shifu師傅 to take his or her place.

Any new Shifu must be approved and sponsored  by a current Elder Shifu 師父and receive the blessings of a Shigong師公if one is still alive.

Two Characters for Shifu

Please note the Chinese characters for the name Shifu have two different characters. The first 師傅has the meaning stated above as an accredited teacher of a specific system i.e. a professional in the art. The second character for Shifu 師父has the meaning of a fully certified individual in all aspects of an art and in the case of Daoqiquan that means all knowledge and methods. 

Elder Shifu 師父Teacher / Father. / Yellow Sash

Term used for a Shifu who has achieved certification in all of the arts of Daoqiquan and who operates a school offering all of the Daoqiquan arts. This Shifu 師父is allowed to operate and certify students in different levels of the Daoqiquan system at his or her discretion.

Shigong 師公 The Shifu’s Teacher / grandfather / White Sash

A Shigong may be active or retired and has the right to continue guiding / teaching a lineage member who is a Shifu as a service and fatherly duty.