Daoqiquan Lineage Chart

Below is the lineage chart for the Li Family Daoqiquan System. This chart includes the base founder (Lama Zurdwang) and all the Li Family Clan Masters through the ages to the present day.

Base Style Founder

Lama Zurdwang 1530 – 1610 Founder of the base style Lama Zurdwang (Sitsang Hsueh Che) 1530 -1610 of Chamdo Tibet.
1580 Founded the Wu guan Bu Neigong Quan style (5 circle method 6 step internal power boxing) 1600 A D Became a teacher of the Li famly in Daofu China, Sichuan Province Taught Five Circles, Six Stances, Snake Boxing, Heron Boxing and Four Virtues to the Li family.

Li Clan Masters

Li, Deng-Hua 1591 – 1680 Changed arts name to : Wu Ho Liu Pu Tao Ch’i Ch’uan.
Li, Shui-Dao 1620 – 1718 Shortend arts name to : Tao Ch’i Ch’uan (Daoqiquan).
Li, Pa-Jing 1655 – 1750 Developed Daoqiquan use of spear and staff methods.
Li, Fang-Feng 1700 – 1790 Developed Daoqiquan three section staff, sword and saber.
Li, Zhang-Fu 1739 – 1829 Developed Lightning Fist Xingyiquan (Hsing I Ch’uan).
Li, Ren-Ma 1801 – 1913 Developed the Lu Taijiquan style by combining Chen and Yang Taijiquan styles with the six stances and five circles of Lama Zurdwang method.
Li, Zhang-Lai 1850 – 1946 Developed Nine Dragon Baguazhang from his cousin Li, Ching-Yuen’s Daoist method of Baguazhang after living with him at Emei Mountain. Developed Li family method of Standing Qigong. Developed Ziran: Natural style Xingyiquan Boxing.
Li, Longdao 1880 – 1980 Created the 5 animal style Daoqiquan. Believed to have also studied standing meditation methods in Beijing believed to be Yiquan and adapted these principles to the Nine Dragon Baguazhang. Improved pressure points methods and added the eighteen fists. Was an excellent pistol shot with 9mm Mauser. Adopted Dr. Painter as his martial son and taught him the complete Daoqiquan system.
John P. Painter 1943 – Created Dragon Dancing as an aerobic and strength building exercise from Li, Ching-Yuen’s method, Developed a Shuaijiao art named Quan Yin Palm Baguazhang. Developed PKC (Physical Knowledge Control) Martial Art for police and military use.